Multi-Functional FF-412 (Gen 2.1)

"ZeroSpill Technology"

Tower Model
Dry Vacuum Pump
Quick Oil Chamber Clean for 2/4 Wheelers
Engine Flush for 2 Wheelers
Complimentary 5L Cleaning Agent


Dry Vacuum-Pump

Heavy-Duty Dry Vacuum-Pump with high CFM. Maintenance-free Energy-Efficient unit with an average life of 7-8yrs. Comes with a 1Yr warranty.

PVC Steel Reinforced Hose

Hose featuring a strong spiral wire reinforcement to prevent collapse on vacuum lines. Added advantage of being transparent so that the customer can see extraction of black-oil from his vehicle. This hose has good resistance to vacuum, abrasion, weathering & and impacts.

Heavy Gauge Coated Body

Thermal Powder Coating on exterior surface of machine which is twice as thick as standard paint, thus long-lasting and can be easily cleaned. No solvents or VOCs, thus, environmental friendly.

Auto Cut-Off

Equipped with ingenious Auto Cut-off System which automatically switches-off machine when desired vacuum is achieved.

Inbuilt Sensor

Intelligent Sensors for additional safety to prevent excess waste-oil from damaging the vacuum apparatus.

Technical Specification

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