What will be the delivery time for any order placed during the year?

Once the order is received, machines are dispatched within 2-3 working days, which takes 3-10days to reach, depending on
your location.

Do you only deliver in specific locations?

No, we supply machines all across India and outside India.

What are the delivery charges?

Delivery charges are on actual. Within India, our logistics partner Gati KWE helps provide door delivery across India which
also includes insurance. Find Gati service points near you http://www.gatikwe.com/locate-us. For other interior locations, extra
charges are applicable.

Why Quick Oil Chamber Clean Machine?

For decades only traditional manual method was used in the process of changing vehicle oil, which has it’s own

It does not extract waste oil completely from oil chamber, some amount of used oil remains in the chamber even after it’s drained out manually.

Along with waste oil, carbon, emery and other impurities gets stuck inside the walls of oil chamber, in duct and
lube flow lines, which is impossible to get rid off with the traditional method.

When the fresh oil is added into the chamber it gets mixed with the used oil and impurities which remain stuck in the chamber, thereby reducing the efficacy of new oil and deteriorating vehicle’s performance.

Rock Engines’ Quick Oil Chamber Clean Machines employs a patented process which uses vacuum technology to extract waste oil and impurities from oil chamber thus reducing pollution from vehicle and improve
vehicle’s performance manifolds.

There are other companies which claim to have similar product at lower prices. Why chose Rock Engines?

Rock Engines Pvt. Ltd.’s Quick Oil Chamber Clean & Multi-Functional Machines are patented and copyrighted. All spare parts used are
branded and best quality and once installed (service or replacement of parts)you do not have to worry about it for years to come. Rest
assured, about our prices as we work on volumes with nominal profits. We are aware of duplicate products which look very similar to the
original product being created in some parts of India which use subpar raw materials(like refurbished compressors, etc) (safeety feat and
can catch fire)and evade taxes. Criminal cases have already been lodged against such miscreants under IPR.

What all insurances do you have for your company, such as workman's compensation, general liability, etc?

Our company is totally insured by the New India Insurance Company and our firm is registered with Employees State
Insurance Corporation, Madhya Pradesh Government and also registered under industries establishment act 1948, all
employees are covered under group accident policy.

How do I install the machine?

Once unboxed, machine is extremely easy to install; only 2-3 PVC pipes (depending on model) need to be
attached to the glass jars, for which we provide an easy-to-understand installation video and user-manual.

Does the machine comes with any Warranty?

Yes. Machine parts come with 1 year Replacement Warranty when operated under Ideal conditions. 

Can you send someone to install or service the machine?

We have a good team of Service Engineers Pan-India through our partners Sharp Marketing & Flikk Marketing Solutions who provide on-site installations across various cities. If in case required, we will plan to send across our technician to visit and fix the issue for you at nominal charges. 

How do you ensure good after-sales service.

Once installed, machine does not require any service for years to come. We are in constant touch with our customers and are happy to know that even machines which were installed in 2006 are still up and running and do not require any service. Machine consists of branded parts which
last very long and are extremely durable. If any part is physically damaged, we will help you source it locally or
courier it within 1-2 working days, which can easily be installed by a local mechanic.

What’s the average life-span of vacuum-pump/compressor you use?

The vacuum-pump/compressor we use are of best quality, which consume very less electricity and has an average
life of 8-10 years when operated daily. Can only be damaged if kept ON for long hours without operation or if there is any Voltage

Compressor/Vacuum Pump is not turning on.

Machines with Hermetic Compressors requires 20ml compressor oil (provided with the machine) to be added every 6months. For normal Vacuum Pumps 50ml oil needs to be added every 6 months. Currently, all Models except B-100 & B-110, are equipped with Dry Vacuum Pumps, which do not require any oil or maintainance. 

Machine is on, light is glowing, but the pipe is not sucking oil or vacuum is not created?

In 90% of such cases, vacuum is not created because the pipes are not tightly attached or any of the
valves are Open or not properly Closed. Tighten all the metal clips where pipe is attached with metal clips and Close all
Swipe Knobs
. Now, check the vacuum meter, the needle will start moving.

Machine’s glass-jar is broken. How do I replace it?

We use Yera Glass Jars which are easily available everywhere. These glass jars are steardy and have uniform thickness, thus do not break under high pressure. In case the glass jar is broken due to mishandling you can easily buy them from any local crockery store or from Yera Online Store(Click). Model# JR120DLX.

Can I become dealer for Rock Engines Pvt. Ltd. for my city/state?

We look forward to build associations with motivated people for dealership opportunities and service stations across India.
Moreover, you need not invest in infrastructure or keeping inventory. We look for people who are committed with good leadership
skills. If you are interested or want to know more about it, kindly mail us at info@rockenginesindia.com

What do I need to become a dealer or service supplier for my region?

You do not require to invest much in infrastructure or inventory. We look for people who are committed with good leadership
skills. Opportunities are also available for becoming indenting agents. If you are interested or want to know more about it,
kindly mail info@rockenginesindia.com