Rock Engines Quick Oil Chamber Clean Machines employ a patented process which uses vacuum technology to extract waste oil and impurities from oil chamber of all vehicles; thus, reducing pollution from vehicle and improving its performance manifolds. Over the past decade, Rock Engines has helped thousands of organisations create repeat business through customer delight and shape growth by building powerful business-customer relationships.

An Essential to your Business Growth

Benefits & Salient Features

100% Efficiency of Fresh Oil

Increased Pick-up

Better Mileage

Cooler Engine

Smoke-free Smooth Ride


Reduces pollution emission through vehicle's increased performance & fuel efficiency. Moreover, machine consumes very little electricity even when run for hours together

User Friendly

Single knob and hose operation to extract used oil from all vehicles. Extremely easy to use by a semi-trained mechanic


2-Wheeler | 4-Wheelers


Boats | DG sets

Cleaning Agent: Reusability

With in built filters, cleaning-agent can be filtered and reused for multiple vehicles

'0' Maintenance Machine

Even after long hours of operation everyday for months together, no additional upkeep is required for years to come

Unique Auto cut-off System

Automatically switches-off Vacuum-Pump when desired vacuum is achieved

Additional features

Ramp with sliding slots to prevent any oil-spill on ground.

Digital Display and sensors as advised by OEMs

Raw Materials

Commitment to create final product which is maintenance free motivates us to use dry vacuum pump, digital display, sensors, auto cut-off system which are best in class



All New Multi-Functional Machines

  • Quickly sucks out Waste-Oil to maximum with other impurities from Oil Chamber 
  • Cleanse engine and it's parts with Cleaning Agent
  • Filters Semi-Used oil of all vehicles
  • Filters/recycles used Cleaning Agent



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